Understanding Quentin Tarantino

20 Feb

Movies lead us to places and times we have never been either seen. I thank directors, actors and the rest of the crew for their existence because after all, movies are one of my biggest passions.

Today, after watching Djando Uchained this past week, I want to thank Quentin Tarantino.

Quentin Tarantino

Even though I visit the IMDb site regularly (for me the most trustworthy movies’ site by far) and I had heard about Tarantino’s existence I oddly discovered him not long ago. When I say ‘discover’ I mean, discover myself as one of his fans.

My first meeting with one of his works occurred with Inglorious Basterds. After watching Brad Pitt cutting people’s scalps, my opinion was easily built: I did not like it. I was not happy about my rejection because I was aware of many cinema lovers’ devotion towards his work, so I decided to take a break and leave him aside for some time. After digesting the basterds’ bloodshed, I decided to give him (or maybe myself) a second chance and try with Pulp Fiction (I used to be the biggest fan of Grease so I decided to go for Travolta).

My Pulp Fiction experience wider my vision towards his style. I found myself enjoying his humour and appreciating the clever division of the movie into little ‘stories’. When the final credits bumped into the screen I had an heterogeneous opinion that mixed random components like perplexity, confusion or enjoyment… I dare to say that I liked it. I discovered an intelligent script camouflaged or hidden between ironic situations; I realized how the cast was accurately selected; I enjoyed the soundtracks impeccably composed to fit each scene; and I also recognized how the photographic framing was perfectly thought taking into consideration small details that needed to be shown.

Tarantino’s movies have an style that can only be understood with time. His movies need digestion. They are like a good tea: while drinking it you can enjoy it more or less but, at the end, when the cup is empty, the warm feeling you find is always good.

I recently watched Inglorious Basterds again. I am still not a big fan of Pitt’s hobby for scalps but I do love the sense of humor, the sarcasm, the irony and the cast that the film provides.

Don’t rush if you don’t get Tarantino at first, you eventually will. If that does not occur to you, I would recommend you to watch some of his movies in any case, because some actors are worth being watched. Djando (a bit long but fantastic) could be an option, just because of the role that Christoph Waltz plays. He outdoes himself.


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