Apple’s wristwatch: the new iWatch

5 Mar

The opportunity of becoming James Bond is getting closer. His watches’ impossibilities, the ones people have witnessed and admired since Sean Connery appeared in the big screen, might be at our disposal due to iWatch. Truth be told, buyers will not likely be able to blow up cars or drive private jets by pressing certain buttons; however, rumours about Apple’s launching its first wrist device have begun.

iWatch. Image courtesy of Brett J.

iWatch. Image courtesy of Brett J.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is currently working on this new challenge to have it ready by Christmas of 2013. There are rumours around the cybernetic universe claiming that the Apple’s wristwatch (iWatch) will incorporate the iOS system, ruling out the simplest system created for the iPod Nano.

It is not the first time a company wants to play 007’s role; other companies have attempted to create a ‘smartwatch’ but they have failed to do so. Microsoft gave up on its version in 2008 and Sony tried to create a design able to connect to mobile phones. 
However, Apple could take advantage of being the “most valuable company of all time”  and launch a watch that made the difference, since, after all, Apple has always “thought different”.

The creation of a “smartwatch” will also be a test for the company. Most Apple users complain about the non-long-lasting batteries of the company’s products. This weakness (or strategy to ensure a new purchase once the battery has grown old and does not last half a day) needs to be taken care of since a watch that is only able to show the time a limited amount of hours looses its feature as a watch. Nevertheless, if the battery were fabricated to last at least 2 or 3 days, it would become a wrist device beyond a simple watch. Apart from being a source of time it could become a phone, a calculator, an iPod and a weather forecaster.

Some think that the iWatch will be a failure, others that it will be the best mechanism ever created and some others do not believe Apple will ever launch such thing. For now, the future of the iWatch is uncertain; however, if there’s smoke, there’s fire…


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