We all like the Likes

9 Apr

Nowadays it’s weird to meet someone who has not been yet captured by any social media. Facebook, as well as being the via of communication of the 21st century, has become a parallel World where we all reflect who we are (or at least who we pretend to be).

Image courtesy of  MacEntee S.

Image courtesy of MacEntee S.

We want to keep our Fb profile organized and updated with our latest plans, travels and parties. Feeds usually come by the hand of photographic proof: people love to show and see pictures. We upload nice pictures (either of you, your dog or the bug you found on the street this morning) and we post in our Walls, not for us, but for our Fb friends. Otherwise, why would you post for? If you post a video, you’ve seen the video already, so why would you post it if it wasn’t for others to see? We exclusively post for our Fb friends and we wait for them to respond, after all, the pleasant part of social networking is the feedback.

Facebook’s and Instagram‘s “Likes”, as well as Twitter‘s “Favorite” or “Retweet”, are the nicotine buttons of Social Media.Most smokers admit to be dependent on nicotine whilst some others, that smoke one day after another, claim not to be addicted. The latter don’t exist. If you are a regular smoker, you want nicotine.

Something similar happens with Social Media.

Some Facebook users admit that they like feedback, others say that they don’t care. The seconds are mistaken, if they posted and no one ever liked or commented their posts, they would stop doing it since interaction, the very base and essence of social media, would be dead. Besides, I personally don’t believe how someone can have one of those red notifications on top of the page and not even be a bit pleased. You post something for the others to see so you can get feedback . We don’t post just for the pleasure of posting (as well as smokers don’t smoke water cigarretes), we want something in return.

Besides, the more feedback you get, the more feedback you want. There are many ways to increase your interaction, if you “Like” your colleague’s pictures, they’ll “Like” yours back and if you follow 3000 people in Twitter, at least 600 will follow you back. It’s all about giving and receiving or vice versa.

Same things happens with blogs. It’s self-satisfying to receive feedback and to see the number of views your blog has by the end of the day. However, increasing blog’s visitors is hard, specially when your blog is a newborn, this is why journalists at Leeds Met have posted some tips on How to attract people to your blog that you can follow to increase your blog traffic.


One Response to “We all like the Likes”

  1. beblogcarrillo April 9, 2013 at 7:22 pm #

    hahhahahaha really funny comparaison between social media and cigarettes 🙂

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